Thursday, October 13, 2011

post.. #2!

Hello Friends!!! (well for now i only have 2 followers so hello Katie and Sandy!)
yesterday i made a lamp. not just any lamp it is a wicked awesome mod podge fabric lamp! i have seen something like in anthropology, i love shopping at that store mainly because it smells awesome, the window displays are made out of COMPLETELY recylced material and they have great clearance drawer knobs (i cant bring myself to buy anything else there because i can hand make it myself, like i told ya I'm crafty). so this particular lamp in the store is also a mod podge-ish looking floor lamp that they want $150 for! crazy right? so i decided to make one for myself. i am extremely excited to share this with my readers (Sandy and Katie listen up!). but first let me give you a tour of  where the crafty "magic" happens, my craft room. now i want you all to hold your heads tight because they are about to be BLOWN. ready? go!
yep that's it, cute right? its a little larger than a tuna can and i am not going to lie the floor IS covered is pieces of fabric, tulle and left over rhinestones from the great fall of 2011 (more on that later). my favorite thing about my room is my desk, i bought it at the goodwill for $10 spray painted it teal and hand painted most things that i love. i have babushkas and flowers and on the other side i painted a cameo (all i need to add is chad ,dave matthews and food). not to toot my own horn but dang it looks gooooooooood! i was so proud of myself after painting it i HAD to show Chad. poor guy i always trap him in that room showing him all the things i have sewn or crafted or painted and he is so sweet he stands there listens, smiles and pretends like he cares. speaking of Chad let me give you a little back story on us. it was a cold day in November of '09 i a beautiful Arabian princess, he a street rat stealing things from the market with his monkey sidekick. long story short i traded my voice to become human we went on a magical carpet ride he fought the sea witch and bippity-boppity-boo we are getting married next fall. i know what you are thinking "what an amazing and beautifully true love story" and let me tell you love is possible, i have found my dashingly handsome prince. i may have fibbed a little there, he never had a monkey and he never robbed anyone. instead he has a Great Dane sidekick named Thor and he is an airplane mechanic, but everything else true, i swear scouts honor. anyway enough mushy stuff lets get to the lamp!                                                                what you will need:
                                fabric scraps, mod podge, and a pair of wicked awesome zebra scissors and a pizza roller NOT one from the kitchen!
 one Bob Ross sized paint brush (i stole this one from chad when he was going through his "i am going to be the next Bob Ross phase, it was funny and didn't last long so i am reaping the benefits)
and of course one sad looking floor lamp (excuse the mess in my craft room, but i am sure most look the same)
so now all you do is cut down your pieces of scrap fabric to the size pieces you want to cover the lamp with i didn't really use a measurement i just took pieces and tried to put it together like a puzzle. put a thin layer of mod podge on the lamp lay your pieces of fabric down making sure to get all the wrinkles and folds out (unless you like that look its all your own taste) then another medium thin layer of mod podge on top and BLAM you are off to a running start this is what my base looked like:

good so far? good. now just continue the process all the way up the lamp, you can wrap your fabric around so it looks like stripes or just make smaller pieces and continue the puzzle effect. when you get to the top of the lamp you  might want to take the shades off (if you haven't done so already) to be able to cover the top more completely. (i however did NOT do this because i am lazy and apparently like doing this the hard way) 
(i was watching wedding crashers i choose movies over music when i am crafting, weird i know)
this is what my skinny part of the lamp looked like. when going around switches of is you had a reading light attached to you lamp like mine, you might want to eyeball measure (my favorite kind of measuring!) the little gaps around to cover them as well.
final step! make sure you covered all your fabric and there are no ends sticking out or folds (unless you like that look) let the lamp dry for a couple of hours put the shades back on and POW!
you my friend have made yourself one FINE looking lamp for just the cost of mod podge and a basic lamp! such a great way to get rid of scraps and look like you spent $150 on an Anthropology lamp! Hope you liked my first tutorial there are more to come!


  1. That was a fabulously awesome tutorial Kait!! I really loved the story of you and Chad... somehow it sounded vaguely familiar... kinda Disneyish actually... but I could be wrong!! ha ha

    As you well know, the floor of my craft room looks like yours too! Let's just say that is the sign of crafting genius and leave it at that, shall we??

    Looking forward to your next tute!

  2. I wish I had a craft room! My craft area (when I have one) has to be kept spotless or Hailey would be pooping scraps and lost sequins for weeks.

    Very cool re-lamping process :D