Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First post

Hi there friends!
   This is my first blog post! *insert claps here* hope you all can stick with me while figure out how to work out all this "HTML" stuff. I am writing this blog to capture my creations my hilarious jokes and my struggles through making clothes crafts and well there is no "and" that's all i want to figure out really. so here is a little about myself. i am from California but moved here to Arizona shortly after my engagement to get in touch with that "country girl" inside me, (also because my fiance transferred here) so we packed up our home in Victorville CA (in 3 days) and hauled our load out to a sleepy called Hereford, about 70 miles outside of Tucson. My fiances name is Chad he is a wonderful man that works at the fort in the next town, he is sweet sweet man that loves to hunt (well try to), hence why i want to get my "country feet" because apparently i have "city feet", funny thing about my feet i thought they were "ugly" but i guess they are "city" any who we have a great Dane named Thor and two pit bull red nose mixes named Pig and Bubba. We also have a ferret named Rue McClanahan (after my favorite golden pal) she is stinky (the ferret not the golden pal, i imagine Ms.Rue smelled of roses and honey in her day R.I.P). anyway so we move out here and i am ready to embrace the life style, i am ready to learn how to hunt, fish and shoot and i just knew one of these would turn out to be my calling. 8 months since moving here i have learned how to hunt, fish and shoot but apparently i cannot touch live worms for fishing, i get extremely bored hunting, and shooting well hey i am a pretty good shot i have to say! none the less none of them turned out to be my "calling" so i was on a hunt of my own (with out doe pee and the early morning wake up calls) i was on a hunt to find my "knitch" my passion or at very least a hobby. on one of our shooting adventures i met a lovely bubbly woman named Sandy she too is a city girl with a love of country living and she my friends, could sew! i have always loved fashion shows like "what not to wear" , "how do i look" and of course the big Kahuna itself "Project Runway" and being the curvy busty bodacious babe that i am i have always had a hard time finding clothes that FIT i know you hear me ladies. and so my quest began, i asked Sandy to teach this young grasshopper her ways and being the wonderful person she is, she did. We went to Wally (Wal-Mart the ONLY craft store in our town) and i bought Ralph my wonderful blue brothers basic sewing machine, some cute zebra scissors and pizza roll cutter thing and some other essential and we were off to fight the mystical DRAG.... errr.... show me how to use it : ) i went home popped in the DVD with an elevator music like narrator and BAM i was sewing and it hasn't stop since its been about 2 months and i am doing pretty good! i have created many things because i am so incredibly crafty (and i can also read, so all the blogs out there help) but my mission is to make clothes. some might be good, some might be complete crap but, we shall see! cant wait to get started and thanks for stopping by i hope that if nothing else in this rambling-on first blog post, i made you laugh or smile at least once.
Thanks Blogger Buddies

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! It is almost as addicting as crafting and sewing. I am so glad I got you started on this wonderful journey... Once again, don't forget who got you there when you're on Project Runway... ha ha!