Friday, October 21, 2011

Hello followers!
 holy cow i feel like i haven't posted in FOREVER, i have been so busy doing well.. i don't really know but i do know that i have FELT busy lately. anyway i haven't been in my crafting room for days. i hate doing that i feel like i am neglecting it, poor girl. i guess i haven't felt inspired lately but ALAS that has come to an end. i have been roaming pinterest for about 76 hours now and i have found something i am super excited to make! i am going to try making homemade soaps and scrubs. they look easy and fun and i need something to get my creativity flowing again. (plus chad has come dry elbow that NEED to be taken care of) so i am off to the store after i figure out all the "terminology" and after i pray to god that our little town has everything! so wish me luck and i will post a tutorial in a few days! thanks gals!

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  1. I hope you find what you need to make them! If not, I will be going to Tucson soon :)